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Author Topic: Seminar with Vitor Gomes  (Read 4492 times)


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Seminar with Vitor Gomes
« on: April 05, 2011, 09:24:42 PM »

Hello All.

With Shihan Paul away at the moment I thought I would let everyone know that a Seminar is to be hosted by Vitor Gomes (if enough students are interested) in May possibly on Friday 13th 6pm to 9pm Saturday 14th 9am to 12pm then 1pm to 4pm
Sunday 15th 9am to 12pm I think the prices will be about :-----
£20 per session or £50 for whole seminar. Places are limited, so money to be paid
In advance no refunds unless Seminar is cancelled.
Open to everyone regardless of age, grade or style of karate. So if you know of anyone who would be interested tell him or her.
To avoid disappointment get your names down as soon as possible remember its money in advance to book. Don?t be disappointed book it now.
Venue to be in Oxford more details when booked.

In case you don?t know who Vitor is :------------
Vitor Gomes ? Renshi
6ºDan JKF GK / 6ºDan Seiwakai
Karate & Fitness Instructor
Trainer level III (Eur)  

Dear friends
I would like to start thanking your interest about karate methodology towards a sports view and mainly for Kumite, under my coaching.
I?ve been since, September 2007 with a new National technical team, as joint National coach for the Portuguese karate federation, and I?m in charge for the North region which has about 14 athletes with High performance Status (results over the 5th place either in EKF or WKF)  into the National Sports council. Since then the Portuguese karate earn 7 medals in the world and  European karate Championships (WKF).
 About the methodology to improve the athlete?s performance I?ve been learning the latest methods with the famous coach Antonio Oliva from Spain and the Prof Pieriluigi Achieri from the Italian Federation and Monza University, Biomechanics Scientist and teacher. Italy has been one of the best world rates mattering medals in the European and world kata and Kumite championship (WKF).  Beside this, I had the first Coach course for karate in 1985 and I?m coach (2005) level 3(European) (from 1 to 4) by the Portuguese Karate Federation. I?m a qualified instructor for fitness by the National sports Council who had been very important to do physical evaluation and exercise prescription as well to understand the Body Conditioning and work the several aspect as Strength, Power and finally Speed and also isometrics and pliometrics.
I would like as well, to show the best way to plan a season to work either an athlete for competion or a grading. To understand and define the main and secondary?s goals during the season (macro-cycle). Managing the volume and the session?s intensity and how to manage the physical, technical, tactical and psychological methods along the season. Mainly what is important, is to define and answer the following questions: What for? When do I train and what? How do I do this and that? And next? Refreshment? What for?
The seminar can be about 12 hours divided by 4 sessions in 3 days, the first sessions on Friday, two Saturday and one on Sunday, have 1 hour each theoretical and the other 2 practice.

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