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The importance of parental support
Junior Team OKA Success in Torino, Italy 18th February 2018
Blade Coleman - Bronze Kata - Silver Kumite
Corin Huth - Bronze kata - Gold Kumite
Daniel Hutton - Silver Kumite - Gold Kata
Charlie Hutton - Gold Kata - Gold Kumite
What a fantastic result for our four young members from Oxford Karate Academy. All won medals from Blade aged 6 just last moth, up to Daniel aged 13.
Great parental support from Mick Hutton and Michael Huth. With such wonderful parents, children have a real support network for their children at home and in the dojo. As parents, both Sensei Natalia and I know how we need to give love and support to our youngsters, be it reading a book, doing mathematics or one of the many roles we as parents perform.
Too many children nowadays are spending time on Playstations and Xboxes. These really do rob our children of a better spent childhood. Engaging in real life sport can give children the multitude of benefits that exercise can provide. Karate has also got practical benefits like self defence and confidence, it also helps deal with bullying and conflict. We have the sporting bonuses of fitness and flexibilty, stamina and coordination, balance, strength and reflex training. These boys really are constantly striving to improve and the results are evident at competitions like this.
Well done lads, we are extremely proud of you.
Paul & Natalia Coleman
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