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Professor Subir Sarkar 2nd Dan ( Uploaded Sat 24, Sep 2005 02:58 )
Professor Subir Sarkar 2nd Dan <span class='subtitle'> ( Uploaded Sat 24, Sep 2005 02:58 )</span>

Professor Subir Sarkar, 2nd dan JKF Gojukai. Subir began karate in Bombay under Pervez Mistry of the IOGKF. At that time Shihan Paul was also a member of the IOGKF and remembers training alongside Mistry sensei in Okinawa in 1981. Professor Sarkar and his wife (another Professor Sarkar) are both in the department of Physics at Oxford University. Prof. Sarkar also has a son - Harry, who is training in the adult classes. Prof. Sarkar was a kyu grade when arriving at Oxford Karate Academy. When he emailed Mistry sensei that he'd found a dojo to continue his Goju training, Mistry sensei was delighted, after delighted came thrilled at the news of achieving 1st Dan and amazed that he then went on to 2nd Dan. Shihan Paul's comments on his test "wow! you moved like a youngster! Taking into account that Prof. Sarkar is over 50 years of age, he is a great example to everyone of the benefits of karate training. A major influence in his life has been the regular practice of yoga of which Mistry sensei also practices.

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