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London Seiwakai Seminar 2016 - Fri 23, Sep 2016 16:17:00 by Fraser | Comment(0)

Seiwakai Seminar London  2016

International Goju-Ryu Kata & Kumite Seminar

21st / 22nd / 23rd October 2016

Bisop Douglass School, Hamilton Road, London, N2 0SQ


£40 per day or £85 for 3 days


Seiichi Fujiwara 8th Dan

Satoru Takahashi 8th Dan

Leo Lipinski 8th Dan

Paul Coleman 7th Dan

Rastislav Mraz 7th Dan

Information pack

Registration Documents


Karate classes on Thursdays. - Sat 2, Aug 2014 09:23:00 by Shihan | Comment(0)

This link shows the location. It is the pavilion near the children's play area NOT the top pavilion for cricket. This location is close to Sparsey Place or accesssed from the A40.

If free parking needed call Paul Coleman Kyoshi on 07956902101 before class, as I have a key for the gate.




Thursday 5pm to 6:30pm children &  Adults.

Tuesdays for kids only from 5:30pm to 6:30pm (adults welcome). With Sensei Natalia Coleman.


Sensei Natalia's success today, 26tFebruary 2014 - Wed 26, Feb 2014 11:25:00 by Shihan | Comment(0)

Sensei Natalia Coleman passed her driving test today. I'm happy and proud :)


This will now lead to new classes opening  for Oxford Karate Academy.


Well done Sensei Natalia!!!!

New Dan grades October 2013 - Tue 22, Oct 2013 14:59:00 by Shihan | Comment(0)

Shihan Paul Coleman is proud to see more success for Oxford Karate Academy.


All candidates were put before a panel of 3 x 8th Dans and 2 x 7th Dans, headed by Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi of Seiwakai.


This weekend saw the following passes:


Tariq Saeed junior 1st Dan

Burhan Saeed junior 1st Dan


Phil Mundy 1st Dan


Jeff Pitt 2nd Dan


Robert Karpatsky JKF Gojukai 3rd Dan


Fraser Long 4th Dan

Traditional Karate Federation Championships 2012 - Tue 6, Nov 2012 11:09:00 by Shihan | Comment(0)

This year we did very well AGAIN. Last year with 13 competitors we won 4 golds and a bronze.

This year, on 4th November 2012 at Crystal Palace, we entered 14 competitors and Oxford Karate Academy took

2 bronze, 3 silver and four gold medals.

Those that didn't win did well in trying. I have explained that sometimes the "luck of the draw" can be a deciding factor. You might meet the champion in the first round and not get a medal, but if you were drawn against someone else, then met them in the finals and they beat you, you get a silver for fighting the same person.

Competitors were:

Lulu Von Pander, Daniel Bradbery, Ronnie Ratcliffe, Liyan Ghomshei, Sumaiya Chowdhury, Dara Ghomshei, Numa Shah and Naswa Shah.


Medal winners were:


Tariq Saeed, bronze individual kata

Josh Davies, bronze individual kumite and GOLD individual kata

Lucas Churchill, silver individual kata

Burhan Saeed, silver individual kumite

Artur Pirogov, GOLD individual kumite and silver individual kata.                                      Artur forgot a kiai in his kata and lost a point, he won gold last year!

Seishiro Suzumura, GOLD individual kata AND ........GOLD individual kumite!               Oh .... he did the same last year!!!!


Well done to all of you, we are VERY proud of you all and BIG thanks to the wonderful parents for all their love and support, without them we are not a team.


Yours sincerely Shihan Paul & Sensei Natasha.

London JKF Goju Kai Seminar. - Tue 9, Oct 2012 14:43:00 by Shihan | Comment(0)

I am extremely happy and proud to have seen a better attendance at the seminar than last year.

It was nice to see Sato Sensei again and a great pleasure to meet Takegawa Sensei and see him not only teach, but demonstrate kata.

Fujiwara Sensei as always shows us why we wish to be under his banner, with his great teaching skills.

The end of the seminar saw grade exams being held. Oxford Karate Academy now has a few new Dan grades that I am proud to announce.

Artur Pirogov, junior 1st Dan, Tyler Curtis, senior 1st Dan, Luke Souch, senior 1st Dan, Natasha Coleman (Natalia Coleman), 2nd Dan and Robert Karpatsky 3rd Dan. Well done to all of you.


Congratulations from Shihan Paul.

JKF London Seminar 2012 - Fri 10, Aug 2012 22:22:00 by Fraser | Comment(0)

The JKF GOJU KAI EUROPE seminar will be held in London 5th, 6th & 7th October.The teachers from Japan will be Fujiwara Sensei from Seiwakai as well as Sato Sensei and Tatsuo Takegawa.
The seminar will be held at Bishop Douglass School in East Finchley London and accommodation at special rates is being organised at the Comfort Inn Hotel which is reasonably close to the school. Details will be given in an attachment in the near future. Training is 18:00 to 21:00pm Friday, 10:00 to 12.30 and 15:00 to 17.30 Saturday and from 10:00 to 12:30, lunch break, then 15:00 to 17:00 Sunday and followed by JKF 

Goju Kai Black Belt testing from 17:00 to 19:00.

For full details please see the 2012 Seminar PDF here (updated 12/08/2012).

(A free PDF viewer is available from http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ )



Traditional Karate Federation Champioship results 30/11/2011 - Wed 2, Nov 2011 13:12:00 by Shihan | Comment(0)

Shihan Paul & Sensei Natasha are very pleased and proud of all those who competed. From children to adults, you all did your best.

Clarissa Moss aged 14 won a bronze in kumite, in her first ever competition. Well done Clarissa.

Sumaiya Chowdhury won gold in kata in her division, amazing at just 7 years old!  Well done Sumaiya.

Artur Pirogov won gold in kata in the boys 11 year old division. Well done Artur.

8 year old Seishiro Suzumura amzed and wowed the crowd, with one win after another, winning 4 fights to win gold in kumite. He also went on to win a gold in kata too!

Jake smith won his first bout and many kids showed good spirit. Thanks go to all who took part from Oxford Karate Academy. Thanks to Ronnie Ratcliffe, Connor Casey, Tariq Saeed, Burhan Saeed, Fernando Mahamud (awesome foot sweeps!), Chevon Brown, Ruari Fangman and Miles Moss.

Karate titles - Tue 1, Mar 2011 13:25:00 by Shihan | Comment(0)

Below I have included the Rules for the various Titles awarded in JKF GOJUKAI.


30 years old and above, 5th dan & above and 3 years after passing 5th dan test.

45 years old and above, 6th dan & above, 5 years after obtaining Renshi title.

60 years old & above, 8th dan & above, 7 years after obtaining Kyoshi title.

Furthermore,the following points are considered for awarding titles:
"Leadership, Experience , Personality, Knowledge and Contribution".


Grade exams - Tue 24, Aug 2010 15:14:00 by Shihan | Comment(0)

Go to articles and read "belt colours".


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